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My appreciation for Apple Computer started for me back in second grade with Fredrick.  He was my Lego creation programmed into low-res graphics - those big one of six colored boxes that you actually prepared by coloring in graph paper then programming in Basic - via a black Apple ][+.  Not everyone had a computer in those days, thankfully, my parents were teachers and got to take the one classroom computer home during summer break.  Ah, the start of my life as future Nerd.  Yes, Nerd with a capital “N” which denotes earned life-long membership in the club.

Our first home Apple was a IIGS.  The best Apple in of that day, well best one with a color monitor that still played my IIe games (Wasteland & Pool of Radiance).  Back then, the all-in-one Macs had a small black-and-white screen and were called a Plus - not even Classic, yet.  So it was the start of college, in 1993, that I purchased my first Apple Macintosh LCIII - the famed pizza box.  Or, as I like to call it, the last computer before the CD-ROM drive revolution.

After a failed mass merchandiser attempt, I picked up a floor model PowerPC 6100.  I immediately sank a 486DX2 DOS card into it.  So then I had dual compatibility in college.  Really, I only ran the other operating system to use PowerPoint.  I added a Powerbook 520c Blackbird, my own LCD plate, and an eBay account in graduate school.

After graduation, that Bondi Blue iMac was on the scene.  An open box was a Best Buy and that started my Internet revolution.  It was quickly pawned off to my parents for a PowerBook G3.  Life was great.

Great until, Apple came out with those odd things called AirPort and iPod.  I took the plunge and got a shinny Titanium PowerBook G4 with a click wheel 10G firewire iPod and Snow AirPort.  Macintastic...

Now, I use a G4 to serve a 500GB drive of PVR TV shows and music videos.  My battered, trusty Titanium is for daily email, Net, and iTunes use.  An antique grape iMac is a wireless cookbook and Internet provider when I have machines open for upgrading.  There are a few G4s about only for use with D&D Neverwinter Nights via a LAN party.  This page is one of my first creations with my new Intel dual core processor and iLife’08. 

Much, much more to come.

Like sands through the hourglass, so ringtones the iPhone of my life...


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